About us

About Us

For over four Decades ago, Standard Industrial Company Nova  was established. In 1977, Nova offered its first product, stainless steel washing machine, to make a revolution in the washing machine industry in Egypt.

For more than 40 years, Nova rewrites the history of home appliance and heating elements in Egypt and Middle East, start from washing machine and electric, gas water heater to solar water heater. Added to other home appliances and we should not forget Nova Water Urn, which has gained popularity in all regions of Egypt.

The Past was not the only thing that contributed to the Company’s identity, but also of looking forward to more Luxurious Lifestyle, with seeking to provide innovative and appropriate solutions for fluffing customers’ needs, at the same time to keep our customer satisfaction as a basic goal.

What We Do?

We combine our experience, thoughts and the machines to produce and market value-added products and services that match with the rapidly changing of the world.

Our Mission

Our accumulated knowledge and experience, qualify us to innovate and develop solutions that focus on delivering beyond our customers’ expectations.
We are seeking to offer Products that depends on Clean and safe energy sources, without prejudice to the efficiency and effectiveness of the products. With easy use and fast response, we must also take in account the impact of consumption, in harmony with life style. That reinforces our competitive abilities and helps us to penetrate the global markets.

Our Vision

Our Human resources, production abilities, knowledge and management system efforts are integrating to Guarantee quick response and adept with global and domestic markets


  • Nova was established in 1977 with a vision of offering more convenient home appliances with higher quality that made life easier for housewives. By introducing manual washing machines made of high quality enameled coated steel or stainless steel, Nova surpassed the market’s aluminum washing machines available back then.
  • In 1986, Nova introduced the production of standard and custom-made sheathed tubular heating elements as a new production line. This enabled us to produce washing machines which included heating elements, while also offering these heating elements for different industrial applications, serving factories and hotels, among other markets.
  • In 1991, Nova’s factory moved to 6th of October city to enable the expansion in production. Further supporting the hotel business, Nova launched the production of different capacities of water urns for catering and events.
  • The year 1992 witnessed a big change in Nova’s history by fulfilling the market’s need for water heaters while utilizing the company’s technical experience in heating applications. Nova has grown immensely in this field ever since; developing the internal coating of the heaters from enameled steel to the less maintenance-requiring hydra stone and further developing the stone material to suit different levels of water quality.
  • In the year 2000, Nova introduced the automatic gas water heater in compliance with the governmental direction of providing homes with natural gas.
  • Nova demonstrated its supreme technical knowledge in heating technologies through the years and by the year 2002, we expanded to the production of high and medium capacity electric water heaters; custom designing them for commercial and industrial establishments.
  • With the world’s increasing environmental awareness and the global direction of shifting to clean energy which resonated with Nova’s development strategy, we introduced the production of thermo-siphon pressurized solar water heaters in 2005. This step fulfilled our customers’ requests of a cost and energy saving solution that was guaranteed through Nova’s technical abilities.
  • In 2012, and to cope with the latest technologies, we introduced the Vacuum Tubes solar water heaters which enabled the reach of higher temperatures.


  • With the introduction of the split solar water heaters in 2015, a big step was taken towards flexibility and cost effectiveness in heating solutions for hotels, factories, hospitals, and residential projects; with Nova creating custom designed systems to suit different areas, urban plans, and architectural designs.

Throughout this long journey, Nova’s produced other home appliances to fulfill the needs of customers and distributors; such as the ventilator, and Hero, the electric insect killer. We continue to work on developing our technologies and exploring the production of other products that fulfill home demands in the Egyptian market and that of the Middle East; exporting to Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon throughout the years…