Industrial Use

Electric Heating Elements

Nova’s accountability in heating technology gets further manifested through this huge variety of heating elements; suitable for all mediums and utilities…

Product Features:


  • We use the finest raw materials to manufacture our electric heating elements to guarantee excellent performance for the desired utilities. These materials include highly pure copper, stainless steel, heat resistant steel incoloy and titanium.
  • All of our heating elements are produced and tested in accordance with The American Safety Standards UL n# 1030


  • Our heating elements are suitable for all mediums; air, liquids and oil through the utilization of different materials.
  • Our tubular sheathed heating elements are designed in compliance with desired specifications to be used in different applications such as central air conditioning units, swimming pools, kitchen/home appliances, catering equipment, and industrial applications.
  • Our column heating elements encompass heat transmitting coils or tubes and are optionally equipped with ceramic pieces.
  • For packaging and plastic processing machines, our Mica heating elements are available in both flat and cylindrical designs.


  • Nova’s heating elements are available in the market as common spare parts for different kinds of heaters.
  • For any certain specifications that are not common, we apply custom designs in shapes, materials, dimensions, voltages and powers for all heating elements according to utility and requirements.

Selection Process

  • We offer all necessary technical advice and perform all required engineering calculations to help our customers choose the most suitable elements for their needs; while providing the following information:
    • Appropriate power of operation
    • Number of heating units required
    • Expected life span for the elements
    • Proper installation methods for every type

Product Specifications:

  • Types:

    • Tubular Sheathed heating elements
    • Column heating elements (with/without ceramic pieces)
    • Flat/Cylindrical Mica heating elements
  • Materials:

    • Highly Pure Copper 99.995%
    • Stainless Steel 304/316 L
    • Heat-Resistant Steel Incoloy 800
    • Titanium